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Wilczek, Hans Johann Nepomuk Graf#

b. Vienna, Dec. 7, 1837, d. Vienna, Jan. 27, 1922; undertook expeditions; patron of the arts and sciences. Equipped the preparatory expedition to the Novaya Zemlya Sea in 1872; financially supported the Austro-Hungarian North Pole Expedition and set up the Austrian station on Jan Mayen island in 1882 using his own funds. 1875 President of the Geographical Society; founded the "Vienna Society of Art lovers"; co-founder of the "Vienna Voluntary Ambulance" association and the Rudolfinerhaus hospital in Vienna (with T. Billroth). Commissioned the reconstruction of his castle Kreuzenstein in the romantic style. An island in Franz Josef Land, W.-Island, is named after him.


Ein Eisbaer auf Novaya Zemlya, 1872; H. W. erzaehlt seinen Enkeln, 1933.


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