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Wildgans, Anton#

b. Vienna, April 17, 1881, d. Moedling (Lower Austria), May 3, 1932, jurist, dramatist and poet; father of Friedrich Wildgans. Obtained a law doctorate in 1908; worked as investigating magistrate from 1909-1911; later freelance writer; manager of the Vienna Burgtheater in 1921/22 and 1930/31. His socio-critical dramas, such as "Armut" (1914) and "Dies irae" (1918), contained naturalistic and expressionist elements and were very popular with the audience in Vienna. Strong advocate of Austria's independence during the First Republic ("Rede ueber Oesterreich", 1930). The A.-W. Prize of the Austrian Industry Federation, founded in 1960, is awarded to young Austrian writers.

Edition: Complete works, ed. by L. Wildgans (with the assistance of O. Rommel), 8 vols., 1948-1958.


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