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Wulka, Burgenland, western inlet of Lake Neusiedl, rises in Forchtenstein (alt. 343 m) in the Rosaliengebirge mountains; the mean rate of flow amounts to 1.2 m3/sec, bad water quality (quality class II-III). The Wulka valley and the Wulka plain stretch between the Zillingdorf plain and the Leithagebirge mountains in the north, the Rosaliengebirge Mountains in the west and the mountain range of Rust in the east. The Wulka valley is separated from the area of the River Leitha by the Wiener Neustaedter Pforte Gap. In the Wulka valley, which is influenced by a mild climate and has some loess soil, mainly fruit (Forchtenstein), cereals, maize, rape and sugarbeets are grown. Wine growing is prevalent in the areas around Mattersburg (alt. 258 m) and Poettelsdorf (alt. 216 m). Pig and turkey breeding are the area´s dominant forms of animal husbandry. Inlets of the River Wulka include the Marzer Bach stream (from the southwest), Sulzbach stream (northwest), Nodbach stream (southwest) and Eisbach (west). Up to the 1950s, sub-bituminous coal was excavated in the area of Neufeld an der Leitha (alt. 230 m) and Poetsching (alt. 218 m). Further municipalities include Wulkaprodersdorf (alt 171 m), Trausdorf an der Wulka (alt. 151 m) and Schuetzen am Gebirge (alt. 130 m).