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Central Cemetery (Zentralfriedhof), Vienna, 11th district, largest cemetery in Vienna (240 hectares), inaugurated 1874, since then enlarged several times. In its centre, the domed Lueger Memorial Church (which was named after Vienna´s former mayor and contains his sarcophagus), a central-plan building in Secessionist style, built by M. Hegele 1908-1910/11; in front, tomb of the Federal Presidents of the 2nd Republic. Starting from the main portal (by Hegele, 1905), on both sides of the central avenue, "graves of honour of famous persons", some of whom were transferred there from cemeteries which have been closed down (L. van Beethoven, F. Schubert); to the left, "graves of historically memorable persons"; arcade tombs with splendid graves (completely full in 1902). War grave of the Municipality of Vienna by A. Hanak (1925); Memorial for those who lost their lives fighting for Austria's freedom (1934-1945); grave for the victims lost in the fire destroying the Ringtheater; Sonnblick monument. There are also a Protestant (opened 1904), a Jewish (1st gate; New Jewish Cemetery, 5th gate) and a Russian Orthodox section (chapel, 1894).


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