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Trinidad and Tobago: Communication#

Telephone systemgeneral assessment: excellent international service; good local service
domestic: combined fixed-line and mobile-cellular teledensity roughly 170 telephones per 100 persons
international: country code - 1-868; submarine cable systems provide connectivity to US and parts of the Caribbean and South America; satellite earth station - 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean); tropospheric scatter to Barbados and Guyana (2011)
Telephones - main lines in use287,000 (2012)
Telephones - mobile cellular1.884 million (2012)
Internet users593,000 (2009)
Internet country code.tt
Internet hosts241,690 (2012)
Broadcast media5 TV networks, one of which is state-owned, broadcast on multiple stations; multiple cable TV subscription service providers; multiple radio networks, one state-owned, broadcast over about 35 stations (2007)