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Building of Pinisi Boats#

Building of Pinisi Boats
Building of Pinisi Boats, June 2014, © Stefanie Gölles, under CC BY 4.0

In Tanah Beru Tanah Beru, Indonesia these Pinisi boats are built by the Buginese people by hand, they are completely made of wood, without metal. Pinisi are used by the Konjo tribe as merchant ships, 20 to 25 m long and 350 t in size.
In Tanah Beru Tanah Beru, Indonesia baut der Buginesen-Stamm händisch, komplett aus Holz ohne Metall diese Pinisi Boote. Pinisi ist ein Schiffstyp des Volkes der Konjo Handelsschiffe, 20 bis 25 m lang, Ladung 350 t.