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Australia: Communication#

Telephones - fixed linestotal subscriptions: 9.08 million
subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 40 (July 2015 est.)
Telephones - mobile cellulartotal: 31.77 million
subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 140 (July 2015 est.)
Telephone systemgeneral assessment: excellent domestic and international service
domestic: domestic satellite system; significant use of radiotelephone in areas of low population density; rapid growth of mobile telephones
international: country code - 61; landing point for the SEA-ME-WE-3 optical telecommunications submarine cable with links to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe; the Southern Cross fiber-optic submarine cable provides links to NZ and the US; satellite earth stations - 10 (2015)
Broadcast mediathe Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) runs multiple national and local radio networks and TV stations, as well as Australia Network, a TV service that broadcasts throughout the Asia-Pacific region and is the main public broadcaster; Special Broadc (2008)
Internet country code.au
Internet userstotal: 19.238 million
percent of population: 84.6% (July 2015 est.)