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Lumberjacks Candle Bridge in Rovanimei
Lumberjacks Candle Bridge, 2011
© Elisabeth Ertl

Rovaniemi Rovaniemi bridge, Rovaniemi, Finland is the administrative capital and commercial centre of Lapland, Finland's northernmost province. The city is located about 10km south of the Arctic Circle at the confluence of the river Kemijoki and its tributary, the Ounasjoki. Approximately 61.000 inhabitants live in Rovaniemi and its surroundings.
In 1989 Finland's first cable bridge, the Lumberjack's Candle Bridge, spanning a distance of 320m across the Kemijoki, was built. The name was chosen to pay homage to the lumberjacks and to remember the time of timber floating. On top of the two columns is a lighting solution resembling a log cut in two with a fire in between, the lumberjack's candle.