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Albi and cathedral#

Albi cathedral, Photo: H. Maurer, 2015
Albi cathedral
Photo: H. Maurer, 2015

Albi 43.929047,2.15 is located on the River Tarn, c. 85 km northeast of Toulouse. Its inhabitants are called Albigensians.

It was already a small settlement in Roman times. Today it has a population of some 50.000. It became (in) famous because of the brutal Cathar Crusades (1209-1229), also called Albigensian crusades, initiated by pope Innocent III and the French king - the latter also motivated by the idea to conquer additional territory- against the Christian Cathari who were considered preaching heresy.

Albi Cathedral is a Brick Gothic cathedral that was constructed between 1287 to 1480 after the crusades that caused much bloodshed and destruction also in Albi. The cathedral's dominant presence and fortress-like exterior were intended to convey the power and authority of the Roman Catholic Church. The cathedral is often considered the largest brick building in the world. It is a UNESCO heritiage site.