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Fontfroid, entrance area#

Entrance area of Fontfroid, Photo: U. Maurer, 2015
Entrance area of Fontfroid
Photo: U. Maurer, 2015

Fontfroide Abbey 43.1273987,2.8962547 is a former Cistercian monastery in France, situated 15 kilometers south-west of Narbonne 43.1860544,2.9976934 .

It was founded in 1093 by the Viscount of Narbonne and has an “up and down” history. Eventually, the community had to leave France because of French legal changes in 1901.

The premises, which are of very great architectural interest, passed into private hands in 1908, when the artists Gustave and Madeleine Fayet d'Andoque bought it to protect it from an American collector.

They restored it over a number of years and use it as a centre for artistic projects plus income from visiting groups. It is still in private hands.

Today wine is produced here and it has a small working farm, bookstore and restaurant and takes paying guests.

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