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Hauptmarkt with Schöner Brunnen and Frauenkirche (Our Ladys Church), 2013
© Elisabeth Ertl

In Nuremberg's city centre, on the right bank of the river Pegnitz, an approximately 5.000m² big square, the so-called Hauptmarkt Hauptmarkt, Nürnberg, Deutschland , is located. On weekdays a farmer's market is found there, which is replaced on special occasions by other markets, like before Christmas by the Christkindlesmarkt. On the north-western border of the pedestrian area the St. Sebaldus Church and the town hall are situated. In 1352 the construction of the Frauenkirche (Our Lady's Church) began on the eastern side of the market at the site of the former synagogue. The Frauenkirche is known for its special clock at the side facing the Hauptmarkt, which features Emperor Karl on his throne and seven electors moving and bowing in front of him. This spectacle is called "Männleinlaufen" and takes place every day at noon at twelve o'clock. One fountain is found on the square, the so-called Schöner Brunnen.