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Spain: Communication#

Telephone systemgeneral assessment: well-developed, modern facilities; fixed-line teledensity exceeds 40 per 100 persons
domestic: combined fixed-line and mobile-cellular teledensity exceeds 150 telephones per 100 persons
international: country code - 34; submarine cables provide connectivity to Europe, Middle East, Asia, and US; satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat (1 Atlantic Ocean and 1 Indian Ocean), NA Eutelsat; tropospheric scatter to adjacent countries (2011)
Telephones - main lines in use19.22 million (2012)
Telephones - mobile cellular50.663 million (2012)
Internet users28.119 million (2009)
Internet country code.es
Internet hosts4.228 million (2012)
Broadcast mediaa mixture of both publicly operated and privately owned TV and radio stations; overall, hundreds of TV channels are available including national, regional, local, public, and international channels; satellite and cable TV systems available; multiple national radio networks, a large number of regional radio networks, and a larger number of local radio stations; overall, hundreds of radio stations (2008)