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Seville following Carmen's footsteps#

Seville following Carmen's footsteps
Seville following Carmen's footsteps, 2008, © Leopold Röhrer

The monument of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Seville is probably due to his operas "Don Giovanni" and "The marriage of Figaro", both with connections to Seville. The latter has among its settings the castle of Count Almaviva in Aguasfrescas near Seville. The action in the opera is a continuation of Beaumarchais’ play "The barber of Seville" (1775) on which the opera with the same name by Giocchino Rossini is based (1782). Note in passing that Beethoven's "Fidelio" also takes place in Seville!.
Das Denkmal für Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Sevilla gehlt wohl auf seinen Opern "Don Giovanni" und "Figaros Hochzeit" zurück. Letztere spielt im Schloss des Grafen Almaviva in Aguasfrescas in der Nähe von Sevilla. Die Handlung der Oper ist die Fortsetzung von Beaumarchais’ Theaterstück "Der Barbier von Sevilla" von 1775, auf dem die die gleichnamige opera buffa in zwei Akten von Gioachino Rossini 1782 aufbaut. Übrigens, auch Beethoven's "Fidelio" spielt ja in Sevilla!.