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St. Ninian's Isle#

St. Ninians Isle
St. Ninians Isle, 2013
© Elisabeth Ertl

The small island which is connected by the largest active tombolo in the UK to Mainland is called St. Ninian's Isle St Ninians Isle, Großbritannien und Nordirland . Tombolo means "mound" and is a deposition landform in which an island is attached to the mainland by a narrow piece of land. Locally the tombolo is also known as "ayre" from the Old Norse word for "gravel bank". Except at extremely high tides the island is accessible to pedestrian, as the 500 metres long sand bar is above sea level. In 1958 a treasure containing silver bowels, jewellery and other pieces, believed to date from approximately 800 AD, was discovered under the church floor on the island.