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Christ Church, Ireland#

Christ Church, Ireland
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Christ Church was built on the site of a Viking church that dated back to A.D. 1038. Construction of the current church was begun in 1172 by Strongbow, a Norman baron and conqueror of Dublin for the English crown. It is presently the seat of the Protestant Church of Ireland.

Molly Malone statue, Dublin#

Molly Malone statue, Dublin
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Molly Malone statue on Grafton Street in Dublin. The statue is of a fictional fishmonger in Dublin, who died of a fever. The song, "Molly Malone," is the unofficial anthem of Dublin.

The statue was unveiled by the Lord Mayor of Dublin in December 1988 as part of the citys millennium celebration.

The General Post Office, Dublin#

The General Post Office, Dublin
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The General Post Office in Dublin, constructed between 1814 and 1818 by the British as a center of communications, was the scene of the Irish Easter Uprising against British occupation from 24 to 30 April 1916.

River Liffey, Dublin #

River Liffey, Dublin
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The River Liffey in Dublin divides the city into the "Northside" and the "Southside." It flows 125 km (78 mi) from the Wicklow Mountains to the Irish Sea.

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