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Sources for Geography, GeoLab and GeoVis#

We list here the sources used in global-geography.org.

Basic data comes from The World Factbook. #

We provide month and year of data extractin. If we found differences in the data sets by consulting other data bases (e.g. concerning country area) this is hihglighted and further information from the other datasets is provided.

Other data sources (mainly used for checking data) include:#

360° panoramas come from Airpano#

Over 3.000 are now presented. The colletion continues to grow. It also includes some 360° videos.

Pictures come from the consortium and the community. Pointers from countries and in a partial summary#

Over 25.000 pictures, many of professional quality and with detailed descriptions have been incorporated. Most come from members of the consortium. The collection is growing steadily.

Stories come mainly from the consortium. Pointers from countries and in a summary#

Of the by now well over 200 stories most contain pictures, some over 100. This is why the count of pictures given above is well below the actual total number of pictures available. The stories have been written by members of the consortium and are, together with the pictures and the information on the culture of countries the feature that makes this site unique.

Cultural information comes from a number of sites including:#

  • Nobel prize site
  • Wolff prize site
  • UNESCO world heritage site
  • Sites showing national parks and such

Other issues#

  • Some stories under then entry "spe l information" are semi-automatically generated
  • The site provides a laboratory Geolab and interative visualizations Geovis, see below


  • The GeoLab is an experimental laboratory to explore countries and parameters.
  • The main source is the Factbook. The data version is from 2012, since for some properties no more recent figures are available. (Can you help in this matter?)
  • We are commited in updating the data as soon as we can verify them. Please provide us with feedback and information about relaiable data sources.


  • The GeoVis offers an interactive visualization of many aspects.
  • The main source is the Factbook, but some data comes from country specific sources. The data version is mentionend in the visualization.
  • We are commited in updating the data as soon as we can verify them. Please provide us with feedback and information about relaiable data sources.


  • We used different databases for verification, the main data source is the Factbook.
  • In case of different values we show all of them and give a possible explanation for the different values.
  • We are updating the information every few month to ensure up-to-date information.

Please find further information and information about the last update (month and year) in the following lists:#


Name Factbook note
Location March 2017
Geographic Coordinates March 2017
Area Verified with different databases. In case of different values the sources are given.
Land boundaries March 2017
Coastline March 2017
Elevation Extremes March 2017
Highest Mountains
Terrain March 2017
Natural Hazards March 2017
Natural Resource March 2017
Land Use March 2017
Climate March 2017
Irrigated Land March 2017
Renewable Water Resources
Environment CurrentIssues March 2017
Environment - international agreements March 2017
Large Cities verified cities
Geography-note March 2017 Rivers and Lakes added (Wikipedia links)


Name Factbook note
Telephone system March 2017
Telephones - fixed lines March 2017
Telephones - mobile cellular March 2017
Internet users March 2017
Internet country code March 2017
Broadcast media March 2017

People & Society#

Name Factbooknote
Population March 2017
Population growth rate March 2017
Age structure March 2017
Sex ratio March 2017
Birth rate March 2017
Death rate March 2017
Ethnic groups March 2017
Infant mortality rate March 2017
Languages March 2017
Life expectancy at birth March 2017
Nationality March 2017
Net migration rate March 2017
Religions March 2017
Total fertility rate March 2017
HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate March 2017
HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS March 2017
HIV/AIDS - deaths March 2017
Median age March 2017
School life expectancy (primary to tertiary education) March 2017
Education expenditures March 2017
Urbanization March 2017
Drinking water source March 2017
Sanitation facility access March 2017
Major urban areas - population March 2017
Maternal mortality rate March 2017
Health expenditures March 2017
Physi ns density March 2017
Hospital bed density March 2017
Obesity - adult prevalence rate March 2017
Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 March 2017
Dependency ratios March 2017


Name Factbooknote
Country name March 2017
Capital March 2017
Administrative divisions March 2017
Constitution March 2017
Executive branch March 2017
Flag description March 2017
Independence March 2017
Judi l branch March 2017
Legal system March 2017
Legislative branch March 2017
International organization participation March 2017
National holiday March 2017
Political pressure groups and leaders March 2017
Political parties and leaders March 2017
Suffrage March 2017
Government type March 2017
Diplomatic representation in the US March 2017
National anthem March 2017
International law organization participation March 2017
National symbol(s) March 2017
Diplomatic representation from the US March 2017


Name Factbooknote
Electricity - production March 2017
Electricity - consumption March 2017
Electricity - exports March 2017
Electricity - imports March 2017
Electricity - installed generating capacity March 2017
Electricity - from fossil fuels March 2017
Electricity - from hydroelectric plants March 2017
Electricity - from nuclear fuels March 2017
Electricity - from other renewable sources March 2017
Crude oil - production March 2017
Crude oil - exports March 2017
Crude oil - imports March 2017
Crude oil - proved reserves March 2017
Refined petroleum products - production March 2017
Refined petroleum products - consumption March 2017
Refined petroleum products - exports March 2017
Refined petroleum products - imports March 2017
Natural gas - production March 2017
Natural gas - consumption March 2017
Natural gas - exports March 2017
Natural gas - imports March 2017
Natural gas - proved reserves March 2017
Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy March 2017


Name Factbooknote
Overview March 2017
GDP (purchasing power parity) March 2017
GDP - real growth rate March 2017
GDP - per capita (PPP) March 2017
GDP - composition, by sector of origin March 2017
Population below poverty line March 2017
Household income or consumption by percentage share March 2017
Labor force - by occupation March 2017
Exports - commodities March 2017
Exports - partners March 2017
Agriculture - products March 2017
Budget March 2017
Imports - commodities March 2017
Imports - partners March 2017
Exchange rates March 2017
Exports March 2017
Debt - external March 2017
Fiscal year March 2017
Imports March 2017
Industrial production growth rate March 2017
Industries March 2017
Inflation rate (consumer prices) March 2017
Labor force March 2017
Unemployment rate March 2017
Distribution of family income - Gini index March 2017
Public debt March 2017
Current account balance March 2017
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold March 2017
GDP (offi l exchange rate) March 2017
Stock of direct foreign investment - at home March 2017
Stock of direct foreign investment - abroad March 2017
Market value of publicly traded shares March 2017
Stock of domestic credit March 2017
Stock of narrow money March 2017
Stock of broad money March 2017
Taxes and other revenues March 2017
Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-) March 2017
GDP - composition, by end use March 2017
Gross national saving March 2017


Name Factbooknote
Heliports March 2017
Airports - with paved runways March 2017
Airports - with unpaved runways March 2017
Airports March 2017
Roadways March 2017
Waterways March 2017
Merchant marine March 2017
Pipelines March 2017
Ports and terminals March 2017
Railways March 2017
National air transport system March 2017
Civil aircraft registration country code prefix March 2017