Christmas Island: Economy#

The main economic activities on Christmas Island are the mining of low grade phosphate, limited tourism, the provision of government services and more recently the construction and operation of the Immigration Detention Center. The government sector includes administration, health, education, policing, customs, quarantine and defense.

Economic Facts#

GDP (purchasing power parity)$NA
Exports - commoditiesphosphate
Agriculture - productsNA
Budgetrevenues: $NA
expenditures: $NA
Imports - commoditiesconsumer goods
Exchange ratesAustralian dollars (AUD) per US dollar -
1.031 (2013)
0.9658 (2012)
1.0902 (2010)
1.2822 (2009)
1.2059 (2008)
Fiscal year1 July - 30 June
Industriestourism, phosphate extraction (near depletion)
Labor forceNA