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Macau: Communication#

Telephones - fixed linestotal: 146,138
subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 25 (July 2015 est.)
Telephones - mobile cellulartotal: 1.896 million
subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 320 (July 2015 est.)
Telephone systemgeneral assessment: fairly modern communication facilities maintained for domestic and international services
domestic: termination of monopoly over mobile-cellular telephone services in 2001 spurred sharp increase in subscriptions with mobile-cellular teledensity exceeding 300 per 100 persons; fixed-line subscribership appears to have peaked and is now in decline
international: country code - 853; landing point for the SEA-ME-WE-3 submarine cable network that provides links to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe; HF radiotelephone communication facility; satellite earth station - 1 Intelsat (Indian Ocean) (2015)
Broadcast medialocal government dominates broadcast media; 2 television stations operated by the government with one broadcasting in Portuguese and the other in Cantonese and Mandarin; 1 cable TV and 4 satellite TV services available; 3 radio stations broadcasting, of w (2015)
Internet country code.mo
Internet userstotal: 460,000
percent of population: 77.6% (July 2015 est.)