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Universität Innsbruck#

University of Innsbruck, Universitas Leopoldo-Franciscea, Leopold Franz University, founded by Emperor Leopold I in 1669 (1677 foundation charter and bull of confirmation by the Pope for 4 faculties), was under strong Jesuit influence until 1773; 1782-1791 converted into a Lyceum (with 4 departments), closed in 1810 for the 2nd time by the Bavarians, converted into a lyceum (courses in philosophy and theology, from 1816 also legal and minor medical-surgical studies); theological studies abolished in 1822. Re-established as a university by Emperor Franz I in 1827 with faculties of law and philosophy and minor medical-surgical studies; reforms after 1848 (L. Thun-Hohenstein) did not initiate an upward development until the theological (1857) and especially the medical (1869) faculties were re-established (lectures and exams were also offered in the Italian language). In 1938 the theological faculty lost its university character (until 1946), a faculty of natural sciences spun off from the philosophical faculty in what was at that time called "German Alpine University" (1941-1945). In 1966 a faculty of civil engineering and architecture was established, which started teaching in 1969; 1975 restructured into 7 faculties (cf. University of Graz). The University of Innsbruck was initially located in the former Ballspielhaus building, 1777-1922 in the Jesuit College (except the medical faculty), it was then moved to the present main university building on Innrain street (construction started in 1911, building opened in 1924). In 1969 construction began for buildings for the new Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture and other fast growing faculties.


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