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Earthquakes and Air Raids#


Hans-Georg Stork[1]

It is one of the most striking contradictions in our time. Why does nobody notice it? Why does it not enter our “collective consciousness”?

It should make frontpage headlines at least once a week. Because this contradiction is sensational.

What is it then?

The earthtrembles. We are deeply shocked. Buildings collapse. Gapingholes open in roads. People are buried under the rubble, asphyxiating. Falling beams and slabs of concrete kill them. Fires break out.

People from all over the world, and in particular from its more affluent regions, rush to help the wounded and homeless. They bring heavy machinery, food, tents, drugsand mobile surgeries. Robots to search for survivors. And that is to be applauded. Assisting the distressed. Rebuilding. Healing. An imperative, if not of religion, then of civilisation.

Spontaneously we become allies of the sevictims of the earth. Of the same victims that our rulers had just been ready to crush with devastating bombs, creating mayhem and suffering. And tomorrow they would do it again.

Of the same victims that in order to further their own agenda our rulers had just been goading into waging civil war. And they are still doing it and do it again and again.

Because the victims’ rulers are not willing to meet our rulers’ demands for unimpeded access to their country’s natural resources. Because they do not wish to subjugate their country to our ailing economic, financial and social regimes.

A scandalous case of double standards. Worse, a diabolic insanity.

[1](h-gATcikon.de), October 2016