Internationale Web-Books

  1. Immersive and Engaging Forms of Virtual Learning

    New and improved approaches towards engaging and immersive digital learning
    Johanna Pirker Graz 2017
  2. Techniques for Consolidation and Exploration of Information on a Webserver

    Rizwan Mehmood Graz 2016
  3. Austrian Companies in the Western Balkans

    An Analysis of the Transfer of Human Resource Strategies and the Employment of Expatriates of Host Country Origin
    Almina Bešic Graz 2014
  4. Technological Change in Multi-Sectoral Economies

    Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of Large-Scale Cobb-Douglas Economies
    Wolfgang Eichert Graz 2014
  5. Access to Knowledge on the Web

    Mathias Erwin Glatz Graz 2018
  6. Modelling Housing Markets: Issues in Economic Measurement

    Sofie R. Waltl Graz 2016
  7. Urban Sprawl and Policy Responses

    A General Equilibrium Analysis of Residential Choice in a New Economic Geography Framework
    Olivia Koland Austria-Forum Graz 2010
  8. On new and old crises

    Two poems and one aphorism
    Hans-Georg Stork 2010
  9. Typing on Human Skeletal Remains from 18th/19th century Aristocratic Crypt in Gallspach, Upper Austria

    Reinhard Schwarz Austria-Forum
  10. Eisriesenwelt

    Terrestrial Laser Scanning and 3D Visualisation of the Largest Ice Cave on Earth
    Manfred F. Buchroithner
  11. Eisriesenwelt

    From Laser Scanning to Photo-Realistic 3D Model of the Biggest Ice Cave on Earth
    Christin Petters
  12. My IT History

    Designing High-Level Languages for High Performance Computing Systems
    Hans P. Zima
  13. Foundations of MIRACLE

    Multimedia Information Repository, A Computer-supported Language Effort
    Hermann Maurer 2003
  14. The future of Science and the Science of the Future

    Outline of a Symposium organized by Academia Europaea
    Acadeamia Europaea Brussels 2015
  15. When remote sensing went alpine

    the 10 international HMRSC symposia 1990 - 2008
    Manfred F. Buchroithner 2010
  16. Geodetic grids in authoritative maps – new findings about the origin of the UTM Grid

    Manfred F. Buchroithner 2015
  17. Aufklärung - Sapere aude!

    Graz 2017
  18. Estimating the Healthiness of Internet Recipes

    A Cross-sectional study, Volume 05
    Christoph Trattner 2017
  19. The Austrian Secondary Colleges for Engineering and Economics (HTL)

    Concepts, Implementation, Examples
    Brigitte Pagana-Hammer Shanghai 2013
  20. How Dangerous is the Web for Creative Work?

    Hermann Maurer Austria-Forum Graz 2013
  21. Proceedings

    OAGM & ARW Joint Workshop 2016 on "Computer Vision and Robotics“
    Peter M. Roth Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz Wels 2017
  22. Proceedings of the OAGM&ARW Joint Workshop

    Vision, Automation and Robotics
    Peter M. Roth Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz Wien 2017
  23. Challenges of Industrial Clustering in the 21st Century

    Volume 1
    IAFeS Edition Vienna
  24. Supply Chain Concepts for Steel Industry

    Implementing new concepts for Improved Profitability and Competitive Advantage, Volume 3
    Daniel Jung Switzerland 2015
  25. Smart Learning

    Volume 4
    IAFeS Edition Timisoara 2016
  26. Aristotelian Thinking

    Impact on the Technological Evolution and Social Progress, Volume 5
    IAFeS Edition Athens 2017
  27. Hanadi & Christian

    Ediciones La Rectoral
  28. Tina and Amir & Ella

    Ediciones La Rectoral
  29. In and Out &

    Ediciones La Rectoral
  30. Reflective Cosmopolitanism

    Educating towards inclusive communities through Philosophical Enquiry
    Ediciones La Rectoral
  31. Visual Learning

    33rd Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (AAPR/OAGM), Volume 254
    Stainz 2009
  32. Performance Evaluation for Computer Vision

    31st AAPR/OAGM Workshop 2007, Volume 224
    Krumbach 2007
  33. Computer Vision in a Global Society

    34th Annual Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (AAPR) and the WG Visual Computing of the Austrian Computer Society, Volume 267
    Zwettl 2010
  34. The ABC of Copyright

    Petya Totcharova UNESCO 2010
  35. Beiträge aus mexicon

    Hasso Hohmann Graz 2016
  36. Ideas Creating Habits

    Mihai Adrian Brasovean Graz 2017
  37. Suffering, Death, and Consolation

    On Works of Memorial, Funerary, and Sepulchral Culture in Franz Weiß’s Oeuvre
    GĂĽnther Jontes

    (1921–2014) Life and Achievement of an Eminent Austrian Artist
  39. Ernst Karl Winter : éléments d’une pensée alternative de l’Autriche de l’entre-deux-guerres

    GĂ©rard Grelle Limoges 2013
  40. L'evolution ideologique du part chretien - social au parti populiste autrichien

    GĂ©rard Grelle
  41. Ice Basement Mapping of Eisriesenwelt Cave with Ground Penetrating Radar

    Ao Kaidong Dresden 2018
  42. 3D Surveying and Visualization of the biggest Ice Cave on Earth

    Manfred F. Buchroithner 2009
  43. My Travels in Asia

    An Approach
    Lieselotte Jontes 2018
  44. Computer-aided evaluation of the major fracture pattern in Austria derived from Landsat Data

    Manfred Buchroithner Wien 1982
  45. Monitoring of Recent Geological Events in the Khumbu Area (Himalaya, Nepal) by Digital Processing of Landsat MSS Data

    Manfred Buchroithner 1982
  46. Generation of comprehensive multisensoral GIS data bases in alpine terrain

    Manfred Buchroithner 1993
  47. Dream Psychology

    Sigmund Freud 1920
  48. The Origin of Species

    Charles Darwin P. F. Collier & Son New York 1909