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Österreichische Industrieholding AG, ÖIAG#

Oesterreichische Industrieholding AG, OeIAG, successor to Oesterreichische Industrieverwaltungs-GmbH, formed under public law in 1967, originally in order to act as trustee for the interests of the Republic of Austria in nationalised enterprises. In 1970 the company was reorganised as Oesterreichische Industrieverwaltungs-AG and state interests in nationalised enterprises ( (see) Nationalised Industry) were transferred to OeIAG. The latter changed its name to Oesterreichische Industrieholding AG in 1986. Up to 1993 it was organised as a group ( (see) Austrian Industries AG) which comprised all the enterprises in which it held property rights.

b. H., (see) Austria Metall AG, Oesterreichische (see) Salinen AG, (see) Austria Tabak AG and Dachstein Fremdenverkehrs AG. In addition OeIAG was entrusted in 1998 with the privatisation of Federal interests in the (see) Dorotheum and the Austrian (see) Staatsdruckerei and with administering Federal interests in the (see) Austrian Airlines Oesterreichische Luftverkehrs AG and Vienna Airport ( (see) Flughafen Wien AG).

Along similar lines, the privatisation of the Austrian (see) Postal Service was placed in the hands of the newly founded Post und Telekombeteiligungsverwaltungsgesellschaft (PTBG), the board of which (since 1999 R. (see) Streicher and J. (see) Ditz) is identical with that of OeIAG.