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Ötzi Mann vom Hauslabjoch, richtig Tisenjoch#

"Oetzi" (man from Hauslabjoch): On Sept. 19, 1991, the body of a 45-53-year-old man was discovered on Tisenjoch in the Oetztal Alps (South Tyrol, 3,200 m). The body had been conserved and mummified in the ice of the glacier. The man's fur clothes (which have been reconstructed), his tools made of wood, stone and bones, the fur quiver with arrows, the bow and the copper handaxe with a wooden shaft are typical of a herdsman or a farmer of the New Stone Age. By means of the radiocarbon method, it has been possible to determine that Oe. lived around 3000 B.C. Research on the site where he was found as well as on the body, clothing and tools was carried out by a team of international scientists headed by representatives of the University of Innsbruck between 1991-1998. Since 1998 the body and other restored finds have been on display at the Archaeological Museum in Bolzano, Italy.


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