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Absam, Tyrol, municipality in the district of Innsbruck-Land, alt. 632 m, pop. 5,834, 51.92 km2, often-visited place of pilgrimage in the hill country of the Unterinntal (Lower Inn Valley), north of Hall in Tyrol; provincial gendarmerie academy, garrison, Mission of St. Josef, vocational schools for wood crafts and hotel and catering; timber processing, optics (Swarovski), chemical-pharmaceutical, plastic and machine manufacturing; some tourism. First documented in 990 as "Abazanes"; late Gothic pilgrimage church (1420/1440), changed to Baroque style around 1770, with ceiling paintings by J. A. Zoller (1780) und altarpiece by F. S. Unterberger, late Gothic crucifix (1492) and Gothic fresco of the Virgin Mary (1470); home of violin maker J. Stainer (ca. 1617-1683). Also home of the Krippach estate (in Baroque style since 1711) and Melans estate. In the Hall Valley there is also the administrative building (now a museum) of the salt mine shut down in 1967, as well as the Matschger Museum (of carnival customs).

Further reading#

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