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Albert III., Graf von Tirol#

b. around 1180, d. July 22, 1253, last in the line of the Tiroler Grafen (Counts of the Tyrol), governor of Trento; from 1210 also of Brixen/Bressanone. In 1248 he acquired all the Tyrolean fiefs formerly held by the Counts of Andechs-Meranien and the Counts of Eppan; continued to unify the counties in what is now the province of Tyrol. 1254 these possessions were subsumed under the name "dominium" or "comecia Tyrolis". After the marriage of his daughter Adelheid to Meinhard III of Goerz, Meinhard III of Tyrol, the heritage of the Tyrolean Counts finally passed to the Goerzer Grafen (Counts of Goerz or Gorizia).


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