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Althann, Michael Johann Graf#

b. Jaroslavice, Czech Republic (then Joslowitz), Oct. 8, 1679, d. Vienna, March 26, 1722, diplomat. Companion to Karl VI of Habsburg in Spain, most fervent of the "Spanish counsellors" at the imperial court. Commissioned J. B. Fischer von Erlach to enlarge Frain Palace (Vranov, Czech Republic). His wife, Maria Anna, nee Marchesa Pignatelli (b. Alcudia (Spain), July 26, 1689, d. Vienna, March 1, 1755) was a friend of Karl VI and used her influence at court to promote Italian artists (A. Zeno, P. A. Metastasio) and the baroque historians B. Pez and J. G. Bessel. Noble family Althan(n).