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Labour Inspectorates monitor the observation of labour protection laws ( Labour Law) and are governed by the Arbeitsinspektionsgesetz (Labour Inspection Law) of 1993. Labour inspectorates are authorities of the immediate federal administration under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs (Central Labour Inspectorate). They are authorised to enter and inspect businesses at any time. When labour laws are violated, they are to require the employer to restore lawful working conditions or to institute legal proceedings against the employer. In addition, they function as advisors and supporters in the field of workers' protection. Separate labour inspectorates exist in the fields of agriculture and forestry in addition to the labour inspectorates for transport and the mining authorities. Forerunners of these offices were the inspectorates for trades (Gewerbeinspektorate) established in 1883, which combated the wide variety of grievances in trades and industry. In that context, V. Adler recognised the need for social measures among the Wienerberger brick factory workers.