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Architekten- und Ingenieurkonsulentenkammern#

Chamber of Architects and Engineering Consultants, body legally representing the interest groups of all freelance architects and engineering consultants Engineering Consultants in possession of official authorisation; founded 1913 as the professional representative body of officially authorised private engineers and mining engineers. Present legal basis is the Ziviltechnikerkammergesetz (Chamber of Architects and Engineering Consultants Law) of 1993. Members of the Chamber are, in 2000, 6,000 civil engineers (architects and engineering consultants from over 40 specialist areas). There is one Federal Chamber, with its headquarters in Vienna, and another 4 Chambers throughout Austria: in Vienna (representing Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland), in Linz (representing Upper Austria and Salzburg), in Graz (Styria and Carinthia), and in Innsbruck (Tyrol and Vorarlberg). The Chambers' supervisory authority is the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs.