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Armenians in Vienna: After a part of the Armenian order of Mechitarists had settled in Trieste under the protection of Maria Theresa in 1773, a branch was also founded in Vienna in 1810, and thus an Armenian cultural centre was established. The monks especially cultivated the Armenian language, history and literature and published all of the old Armenian writers' works with commentaries under the title of "National Library". Aydinian of Vienna wrote the fundamental textbook of modern Armenian grammar in 1866; Tschamtschian (1738-1823) published a 3-volume history in Venice (which then belonged to Austria), and in Vienna Garagaschian (1818-1903) wrote a 4-volume history of Armenia. The Vienna branch has been publishing "Handes Amsorya", a publication on Armenian linguistics, since 1887. The library of the Mechitarist Congregation, founded in 1773, owns a special collection of Armenian and Oriental manuscripts (approx. 153,000 vols., 2,000 manuscripts, numismatic collection).

Further reading#

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