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Aspach, Upper Austria, market town (town status conferred 1928) in the district of Braunau, alt. 443 m, pop. 2,225, area 31.46 km2, Kneipp hydrotherapy resort town in the upper Innviertel region at the northern edge of the Kobernausserwald hills. - Health resort and rest home of the Marian Sisters, Institute for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine; health resort tourism (28,282 overnight stays), small trade businesses, brewery. - Originally Romanesque parish church (first documented 1047) rebuilt in Gothic style (15th/16th centuries) with high-quality Baroque interior (1676-1689) by the Zuern-Werkstaette and the Schwanthaler Family. Tomb of Hans von Dachsberg (1513) by Joerg Gartner. E. S. Piccolomini (Pope Pius II) was parish priest 1444-1447, probable patron of the Altar of the Twelve Apostles.

Further reading#

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