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Aspern, part of the 22nd municipal district of Vienna since 1904. 1904-1938 part of the 21st district of Vienna. - Former airport (main airport in Vienna until after 1938, used for aviation sports and automobile races after World War II), motor factory built 1980-1982 (General Motors, since 1994 OPEL Austria GmbH). - First documented 11th century; Aspern was the scene of the Battle of Aspern and Essling (May 21/22, 1809), the first defeat of Napoleon by Archduke Karl and the Austrian Army; monument in front of the church (stone "Loewe von Aspern" Lion of Aspern erected by A. D. von Fernkorn in 1858). The Lobau wetland preserve is a part of Aspern

Further reading#

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