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Bürckel, Josef#

b. Lingenfeld (Germany), March 30, 1895, d. Neustadt/Hardt (Germany, suicide), Sept. 28, 1944. National Socialist politician; gauleiter of the NSDAP in Austria, member of the National Socialist Reichstag. On March 13, 1938 appointed acting head of the NSDAP to carry out the referendum on the Austrian Anschluss with Germany, from April 23, 1938 to March 31, 1940 Reich commissioner for the reunion of Austria with the German Reich, in charge of fully integrating the "Eastern March" (Ostmark, i.e. Austria) politically, economically and culturally into the German Reich; from Jan. 30, 1939 to August 7, 1940 gauleiter of Vienna. Then head of civil administration in Lothringen/Lorraine and from 1941 governor of the "Western March" (Westmark); from January 1, 1942 also held a leading position (SS Oberfuehrer) in the staff of the Reichsfuehrer-SS, Heinrich Himmler.


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