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Bad Hall#

Bad Hall, Upper Austria, market town in the district of Steyr-Land, alt. 380 m, pop. 4,250, area 13.38 km2, health resort (name stems from Celtic "hal" = salt) in the northern Traunviertel region, medicinal spring (brine spring with the highest iodine-bromine content in Central Europe, 32° C, treatment of vascular and respiratory diseases), therapy centre with 2 therapy facilities (since 1975 thermal mineral indoor pool and visitors´ centre with drinking hall), therapy institutes and homes, spa park (340,000 m2, landscaped park created 1852) and spa theatre, Paracelsus Institute for Iodine Research (1950), health tourism (301,565 overnight stays) is the main source of income, first documentary mention 777 ("salt pan"), 1378 first mention as watering place, bathing activity resumed around 1820, from 1852 on the health resort flourished, palace (1645), numerous Jugendstil buildings (1895-1910); late Classicist town hall; Baroque palace Feyregg (first documented 1170, in the municipality of Pfarrkirchen).