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Bartenstein, Johann Christoph Freiherr von#

b. Strasbourg (France), Oct. 23, 1689, d. Vienna, Aug. 6, 1767, statesman. Succeeded K. Buol-Schauenstein as Confidential Secretary of State; as member of the so-called "Privy Conference" ("Geheime Konferenz") he was one of the closest advisers of Karl VI and responsible for Austrian foreign policy. B. played a key role in both the outbreak of the Second Turkish War and the War of the Austrian Succession. 1753 Maria Theresia replaced him as head of the Foreign Department by W. Kaunitz; B. was also privy councillor and vice-chancellor of the "Directorium in publicis et cameralibus"; first director of the State Archives, which had been established on his initiative, tutor to the future Emperor Joseph II.


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