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Bayerischer Erbfolgekrieg#

Bavarian Succession, War of the: 1) First War of the Bavarian (Landshut) Succession, 1504-1505: In the war over the estate of Duke George of Bavaria-Landshut, Maximilian I supported his brother-in-law Duke Albrecht IV of Bavaria-Munich. His troops defeated an army of mercenaries at Schoenberg near Regensburg and, on October 17, 1504, took Kufstein. By arbitration in Cologne on July 30, 1505, Maximilian I was rewarded Kitzbuehel, Kufstein, Rattenberg (then united with Tirol), the land around Lake Mondsee (including St. Wolfgang), Neuburg am Inn, Rannariedl, and Neuhaus an der Muehl, all of which became part of Upper Austria.

2) War of the Bavarian Succession of 1778/79: When the elder Wittelsbach line came to an end on December 30, 1777, Joseph II of Austria and Karl Theodor, Elector of the Palatinate branch of the House of Wittelsbach, signed a treaty which provided for the exchange of Bavaria for the Austrian Low Countries. Karl Theodor's heir, Karl of Zweibruecken, did not agree to the deal, won the support of Prussia, and declared war against Austria. The war in Bohemia dragged on indecisively until peace was achieved through the mediation of France and Russia. In the Treaty of Teschen, Austria abandoned all claims to Bavarian territory and was awarded the Innviertel region.


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