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Beck, Karl Isidor, geb. 1817, Lyriker#

b. Baja (Hungary), May 1, 1817, d. Waehring near Vienna (now ninth district), April 9, 1879, wrote poetry and epics in the time before the 1848 revolution ("Vormaerz" period). Influenced by N. Lenau and L. Boerne; criticised social poverty among the proletariat in, e.g., the "Lament of the Poor Man" ("Lieder vom armen Manne", 1846). Was responsible for the final title of the Blue Danube waltz by J. Strauss (in: "Gesammelte Gedichte", 1844, 41846).

Further works#

Jankó, der ungararische Rosshirt, 1841; Naechte. Gepanzerte Lieder, 1848.


E. Thiel, K. B. literarische Entwicklung, doctoral thesis, Vienna 1938.