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Fire Damage: Until the 19th century, fire damage was mainly repaired through neighbourly assistance (materials, practical help) and the so-called "Brandbettel" ("fire-begging") collection, where money for fire victims was collected with permission of the authorities. In 1710, the first Austrian "Bauern-Assekuranz" (Farmers' Insurance) was founded at Kremsmuenster (Upper Austria); in the mid-18th century, the Carinthian Estates set up the "Elementarschaden-Verguetungs-Fonds" (storm-and-tempest insurance fund), in 1752, Count Trapp initiated an insurance fund for fire and water damage in the Tyrol. In 1764, Maria Theresia introduced a uniform insurance system with the Feuer-Societaets-Ordnung (Fire Society Decree), followed by the exemplary Polizeiordnung (Police Decree) under Joseph II in 1787. At the beginning of the 19th century, fire insurance was introduced on a broader basis and insurance companies were founded in the crownlands (until 1918 approx. 60 companies all over the empire, in 1938 45 companies). In 1994, fire insurance was offered by 42 companies. During the First Republic, provincial fire prevention commissions were set up within the provincial governments and were re-introduced with larger areas of competence after 1945. The central commission is part of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. These commissions cooperate closely with the fire brigades in the provinces. In 1990, 12,004 cases of fire damage were registered (agriculture: 1828, industry: 541, trade: 1428, living accommodation: 7512, other, such as transport, wood fires, fires in meadows or in reeds: 695).