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Book Trade: In Vienna, the book trade can be traced back to the end of the 15th century. In 1522 the first Censorship Regulation and in 1578 the first Regulation for Booksellers were issued. After the Turkish Wars the Austrian book trade, which was largely controlled by Vienna University, marked a sharp upswing. The most eminent personality of 18th century book trade in Austria was J. T. Trattner. In 1807 a "Committee of Bourgeois Booksellers in Vienna" and a similar institution in Graz were founded. In 1855 regulations for a national school book publishing company were enacted. Under the Trade Regulation Act of 1859, booksellers required a licence. In the same year the "Verein der oesterreichischen Buchhaendler" (Association of Austrian Booksellers) was set up. From 1860 it published the "Oesterreichische Buchhaendler-Correspondenz" (a journal containing information on the Austrian book trade) and from 1861 the "Oesterreichische Bibliographie". Until 1871 the "Oesterreichischer Catalog", an index of new Austrian publications, was additionally published. In 1873 the Austrian book trade took part in the World Exposition in Vienna with a first comprehensive book exhibition. In 1889 the above mentioned association and in fact all Austrian booksellers became members of the Boersenverein der Deutschen Buchhaendler (Central Association of German Booksellers). In 1897 a "Catalogus librorum in Austria prohibitorum" (an index of books prohibited in Austria) was compiled.

After World War I the organisation called itself "Verein oesterreichischer Buchhaendler" (Association of Austrian booksellers). Additionally, the "Verband der oesterreichischen Buch-, Kunst- und Musikalienverleger" (Association of Austrian Publishers of Books, Art and Music) was founded in Vienna as an interest group. In 1929 the "Oesterreichisches Buchgewerbehaus" was accommodated in the Fuerstenberg palace.

On August 1, 1945, the first post-war issue of the "Anzeiger" (journal of the Austrian book trade) was published; on March 31, 1946 the "Oesterreichische Bibliographie" was published in co-operation with the Austrian National Library; since January 1, 1992 this bibliography has been published exclusively by the Austrian National Library. In 1946 the "Verein der oesterreichischen Buch-, Kunst- und Musikalienhaendler" was joined by sellers of newspapers and journals and in 1959 renamed "Hauptverband der oesterreichischen Buchhaendler"(Central Association of Austrian Booksellers). In 1965 its name was changed to "Hauptverband des oesterreichischen Buchhandels" (Austrian Publishers and Booksellers Association).

Since 1948 the "Austrian Book Week" has taken place every autumn. Since 1949 the "Austrian Book Trade Directory" has been published. The "Buchhaendler-Archiv" was set up according to the plans of R. Lechner. Austria joined the Bern Copyright Convention in 1920 and signed the universal Copyright Convention in 1957.