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Chemie Linz AG#

Chemie Linz, chemical enterprise, emerged from the former Oesterreichische Stickstoffwerke AG ("Austrian Nitrogen Works"; from 1973 called Chemie Linz AG), since 1996 majority-owned by the Dutch DSM group under the name "DSM Chemie Linz GmbH". Its entrepreneurial emphasis lies on the production of fine chemicals: intermediates especially for pharmaceutical agents, but also for cosmetics, perfumes, flavouring agents, synthetic materials, food additives and pesticides. Production specializes in fire protection systems, concrete thinners and bulking agents (maleic anhydrid, fumaric acid). The enterprise is export-oriented and has its own sales outlets in 12 countries. In 1994 the turnover was around ATS 2 billion (85 % export income); 850 employees.