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Craigher de Jachelutta, Jakob Nikolaus#

b. Lipossullo (Friuli, Italy), Dec. 11, 1797, d. Cormons near Goerz/Gorizia (Italy), May 17, 1855, poet and translator. Came to Vienna as a merchant around 1820 and published his sensitive poetry in Viennese magazines; member of the circle around C.M. Hofbauer and of the circle around F. Schubert, who put several of his poems to music. From 1843 Belgian consul in Trieste.


Poetische Betrachtungen in freyen Stunden, 1828 (poetry); Erinnerungen an den Orient, 1847 (description of a journey).


H. Zeman, Die oe. Literature. Ihr Profil im 19. Jh., 1982.