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Denis, Michael auch Sined der Barde#

Denis, Michael (also: Sined der Barde), b. Schaerding (Upper Austria), Sept. 27, 1729, d. Vienna, Sept. 29, 1800. Jesuit, writer, translator and librarian. 1759 teacher at the diplomatic academy "Theresianum" in Vienna; 1784 custodian of the library of the Imperial Court in Vienna. D. first wrote neo-Latin didactic dramas, then mainly poetry in the tradition of the German Enlightenment (F. G. Klopstock, C. F. Gellert); also wrote works on librarianship and bibliographies, as well as hymns; in 1762 wrote the first elementary reader in Austria. (1768-1769) D. was the first to translate "Ossian" into German.


Die Lieder Sineds des Barden, 1772; Wiens Buchdruckergeschichte von Anbeginn bis 1560, 1782; Ossian und Sineds Lieder, 5 vols., 1784; Carmina quaedam, 1794.


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