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Diplomatische Akademie Wien, DA#

Diplomatische Akademie Wien, DA (Diplomatic Academy at Vienna), set up in 1964, continues the tradition of the Oriental Academy founded in 1754 (1898-1938 Consular Academy); it has been under the jurisdiction of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1996 and provides specific post-graduate training for work in diplomacy or international organisations as well as in the international business and finance sector for graduates from various university disciplines. More than a half of the students come from countries other than Austria. Duration of studies: 12 month. Since 1997 a 2-semester course leading to the title of "Master of Advanced International Studies" has also been available. Admission criteria: completed university education, good command of languages ( especially English, French) entrance exam or proof of adequate qualifications. At present, the Diplomatic Academy is situated in the Theresianum.