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Donaukraft, Österreichische Donaukraftwerke AG#

Donaukraft, Oesterreichische Donaukraftwerke AG, commissioned with the planning, construction and operation of power stations on the River Danube in Austria under the second Nationalisation Act of 1947 and until 1999 a special society of the Verbundkonzern In 1998 it operated 9 hydroelectric power stations on the River Danube: Aschach (built 1959-1964, 287.4 MW), Ottensheim-Wilhering (1970-1974, 179 MW), Abwinden-Asten (1976-1979, 168 MW), Wallsee-Mitterkirchen (1965-1968, 210 MW), Ybbs-Persenbeug (1954-1959, 236.5 MW), Melk (1979-1982, 187 MW), Altenwoerth (1973-1976, 328 MW); Greifenstein (1981-1985, 293 MW), and Vienna-Freudenau (1992-1998, 172 MW). Together they generate an average of 12,4 billion kWh of electricity per year (approx. 25 % of all electricity generated by public power stations in Austria). The main shareholder of the Donaukraft was the Verbundgesellschaft (more than 95 %). In 1999 the Donaukraftwerke AG merged with Tauernkraftwerke AG, Verbundkraft Elektrizitaetswerke Gmbh and VEG to form the new group Austrian Hydro Power AG, which also belongs to the Verbundkonzern. The Austrian-Bavarian power station Jochenstein (1952-1956, 132 MW) is operated by the Donaukraftwerk Jochenstein-AG.