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Drucker, Peter Ferdinand#

b. Vienna, Nov. 19, 1909, management consultant, "father of modern management theory". From the 1920s worked in Germany as journalist and international lawyer, emigrated to Britain in 1933, where he attended classes held by J.M. Keynes, and moved to the USA in 1939. Consultant to major industrial groups (General Motors and others), earned a world-wide reputation as a teacher and author of more than 25 books. Identified and decisively influenced significant developments in 20th century business management (e.g. rejection of authoritarian management practices) and generally studied issues of societal development. Awarded the Austrian Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts and Sciences in 1999.


The Practice of Management, 1954 (Die Praxis des Managements, 1970, 1998); The Landmarks of Tomorrow, undated (Das Fundament fuer morgen, 1958); The Effective Executive, 1967 (Die ideale Fuehrungskraft, 1967); The Age of Discontinuity, 1969 (Die Zukunft bewaeltigen, 1969); Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, 1973 (Neue Management-Praxis, 2 vols., 1974); Post-Capitalist Society, 1993 (Die postkapitalistische Gesellschaft, 1993); Management Challenges for the 21st Century, 1999 (Management im 21. Jahrhundert, 1999).


J. Beatty, The World According to P. D., 1998 (Die Welt des P. D., 1998).