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ELIN, long-established Austrian electrical engineering firm; founded by F. Pichler in 1892, since 1922 it has been known by the name ELIN. By the 1930s the firm had several factories in Vienna and had become one of Austria's leading electro-technical companies, producing locomotive engines, power plant generators and switchgear. The company was nationalised in 1947 Nationalised Industry and in 1959 merged with AEG Union Elektrizitaetsges. (also nationalised) to become Elin-Union AG. In 1989 the company spilt into Elin Enerversorgung GmbH and Elin Energieanwendung GmbH. Both these companies today form part of the technology group, VA Technologie AG and go by the names of VA TECH ELIN GmbH and VA TECH ELIN EBG GmbH.