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Ebenthal in Kärnten#

Ebenthal in Kaernten, Carinthia, market town in the district of Klagenfurt, alt. 428 m, pop. 6,432 (1981: pop. 5,674), area 54.99 km2, southeast of Klagenfurt, on the River Glan. - Hotel and catering trade, building industry and trade, wood and metal processing (locksmiths). As a centre of light industry, the area is experiencing an economic upswing, with a number of new businesses moving to the area. - First documented mention as "Schrelz" in 984; late Baroque parish church (built before 1767), vault paintings (1766) by G. Lederwasch, Goess Castle (around 1566, reconstructed in the 18th  century) with frescoes showing mythological scenes (1748) by J. F. Fromiller, castle gardens with iron railings (18th  century), limetree walk, obelisk (1801). Predigerstuhl mountain (alt. 711 m) and Ebenthal waterfalls are nearby.