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Egg, Vorarlberg, municipality in the district of Bregenz, alt. 561 m, pop. 3,169, area 65.37 km2, bi-seasonal tourist centre (87,496 overnight stays) and main town of the Bregenzerwald region; terminal of the Bregenzerwald Museum Train. - Local branch of health and local insurance agency, maternity home, federal upper level mathematics-oriented school, Landammann hall at Grossdorf; wood processing, electronics industry, hat and lace production; printing firm, brewery, mill, gravel and concrete works. - Parish church (1890-1892), chapel at Niederbuch (1676), local heritage museum, old Vorarlberg Einhoefe from the 17th and 18th centuries (special type of farm with all the farm buildings under one and the same roof).


A. Schwarz, Heimatbuch Egg, Bregenzerwald/Vorarlberg, 1974.