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Ehrenhausen, Styria, market town in the district of Leibnitz, alt. 258 m, pop. 1,184, area 3.03 km2, at the entry of Gamlitzbach river into the River Mur/Mura, near the Slovenian border; starting point of the "Suedsteirische Weinstrasse" (South Styrian Vine Road). - Sports and leisure centre; viniculture (winery and champagne cellars, production of brandy), canning factory. - Late Baroque parish church (1752-1755) with Pietà (early 15th  century), Renaissance castle (first documented mention 1240, in the 16th and 17th  centuries owned by the Eggenberg family, re-constructed around 1552) with medieval keep and arcaded courtyards; Historicist Georgi mansion (late 19th  century); mausoleum (construction begun in 1609, completed in 1680-1693) for Ruprecht (d. 1611) and Wolff von Eggenberg, domed building, façade with two colossal statues, stucco decoration, crypt with sarcophagi.


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