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Eibiswald, Styria, market town in the district of Deutschlandsberg, alt. 361 m, pop. 1,568, area 2.38 km2, in Saggautal valley, at the foot of Radlpass pass (alt. 662 m), near the Slovenian border; terminal of the "Schilcherweinstrasse" (Schilcher Wine Road). - District court, customs station, road maintenance depot, vocational school for electrical engineering. Forge hammer and steel works (1818-1905) as well as lignite mining (until 1970) were dominant in the town. Wood processing (sawmill, building and construction wood, plane works and pallet manufacture), production of magnets, three-phase current brakes and fizzy drinks, printing firm, soft fruit growing. Parish church, originally Gothic, redone in Baroque style in 1678 and 1748, fragments of Gothic frescoes; castle (after 1572); arcaded courtyards. Birthplace of the poet Hans Kloepfer; the Kloepfer and Local History Museum (collections: local and cultural history, objects from E. glass factory), Lerchhaus cultural centre. South of E. on Turmbauer Kogel mountain excavations dating back to early history and the Roman period (municipality of Grossradl).


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