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Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn, Lower Austria, market town in the district of Baden, alt. 290 m, pop. 3,589, 15.77 km2, industry and trade centre, on the river Triesting, where it leaves the foothills of the Alps and flows into the Vienna Basin, west of Leobersdorf. - Lindabrunn recreation centre, golf course, sports school (football). Trade, industry and construction (in 1991, 67 % of the working population): metal processing, production of beverage cans and model aeroplane engines. - Parish church with Romanesque, late-Gothic and late-Baroque-Classicist elements. Two-storey castle (castle keep, 12th  century), alterations in the 16th and late 18th centuries, restored in 1882. Sculptors´ symposium.


A. Schabes, Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn von der aeltesten Zeit bis zur Gegenwart, 1981.